For the mind and soul

Healing Retreat: The journey to self love! Seattle, WA

May 25th- 28th

Connecting with who you are can be tricky in a world filled with so many people trying to dim your light. On this beautiful journey to Seattle we will focus on standing in our own light and allowing the self love to flow, so others can't dim it. We will be visiting beautiful waterfalls, explore pikes market, yoga and meditation as well as 2 releasing ceremonies (releasing what no longer sereves us). You will learn new energy hacks to be in your own energy, grounding techniques and be in an enviroment of beautiful souls coming together to lift each other up! Its going to be so magical!!

Co-Host Kylie Alavardo is bringing lots of light and magic to this retreat as well! You will be guided by myself and Kylie through a journey to self love and healing!

*All expenses covered except travel*

*Food at the lodge, gas, and stay, as well as healing sessions with myself and with Kylie are all covered in the cost!

I'm so ready to play and heal!

One healing journey tends to lead to being a part of so many other healing journeys.


These healing card decks and journal are self made and self published by Brittani. :)

Featured collection

Spirit Rehab Podcast:

Dive into the story behind the card decks and learn multiple healing techniques to add to your healing journey arsenal! This podcast is focused on expressing the emotions that are sometimes hard to talk about. Brittani shares her take on healing and provides listeners a 'behind the scenes' of her healing journey and how the cards came to be.

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Healing gifts for the mind and soul

  • Art Prints will be live in the store soon! Until then, they are available by request. (If you have a favorite card you would like turned into a print, just click the "chat with us" icon on the bottom right of the screen or send an email with the card information and the size requested. Prices will be sent for final approval before printing.

Taking a step to heal is one step further than not taking one at all.

-Brittani Zahourek